Hi, I’m Megan!

I am a 30 something year old, upbeat, early rising, wife and working mommy. I love spending time with my kids, in my garden, raising chickens for eggs, cooking, and I love to entertain. My days are long, but I love it.

Photo: Angela Kim Photography http://www.angelakimphoto.com

The key to keeping my sanity and enjoying life is BALANCE! Oh and life would be boring without a little (a lot of) chaos, right?

I am always looking for was to simplify my life and be more efficient. I am an Amazon and coffee addict. I swear coffee helps me get things done faster! I like to save money, but I am not a couponer. 

Photo by Julie Rollins http://julierollinsphotography.com
Photo by Julie Rollins http://julierollinsphotography.com

I have been hanging around in the garden since before I could walk. Now that I am older, I have realized the importance of knowing where your food actually comes from. Our organic vegetable garden seems to grow a bit every year adding new fruits and veggies for my family to enjoy. I believe that it is important for children to learn where our food comes from, to take part in growing our food and to raise and care for animals.

Our gardens provide us with plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as a beautiful sanctuary where we can decompress and feel far removed from the bustle of the city (my favorite part).

cORNFollow along as I meander down my garden path and experiment with our little plot of land, raising our kids and animals all while maintaining a simple and healthy lifestyle. 

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