City Chickens

Chicken-Coop-in-the-cityHave you ever thought about raising chickens in your backyard? In the city of Los Angeles you can have hens and even roosters, if you have a large yard. Chickens must be kept 25 feet from your home and 35 feet from your neighbor’s home. Rooster must be kept 100 feet away. Many cities are now chicken friendly. Check with your city to find out for sure. Read more on LA HERE.

We lived in a small house with a small yard in the city of Los Angeles when we got our first 5 chicks. We got a coop kit from Smart Coop and my husband and son assembled and painted it. We set it up in the farthest corner of our yard.

Our 5 little chicks came by mail from My Pet Chicken  and onlyChickSelfie cost a couple dollars each. We took chick selfies and handled them often. Within a couple months we had moved our hens out to the yard. Our sweet little chicks grew up to be super cool, tame pets.

Our Smart Coop was plenty big with the run we built and we even let them free range, in our yard,every day. We never had a single complaint from a neighbor about noise or smell or anything else, with regards to our city chickens. 🙂

To find out how easy it is to raise day old baby chicks read my article: A Simple 3 Step Guide to Raising Baby Chicks


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