Taking the kids to the beach – 6 Must Have Items

You probably won’t believe me, but growing up in Southern California, you just don’t get to the beach that often. Lugging all that stuff and getting all sandy just isn’t as appealing as it once was. But, it is important to get the kids down there because they LOVE IT!

Rash guard for kids- the ultimate sun protection I always thought my parents were crazy for bringing so much stuff to the beach when we all went as a family. Sometimes it took two trips. Now, I totally understand. However, as a minimalist, I have narrowed down our list of items we bring to very few AWESOME items.O'neill Rash Guard for kids

  1. Rash guards, the ultimate sun protection- Many of them provide SPF 50 protection from the sun! And, they don’t ware off like sunscreen. We use O’neill rash guards. They are tried and trusted!
  2. Beach Tent – We use the Genji Sports Pop Up Beach Genji Sports Pop Up Beach Tenttent. Opposed to other tents, this one has no assembly. You literally take it out of the convenient soft carrying case and it opens right up. You don’t need any stakes either! There are pockets along the sides you can fill with sand to weigh it down. I seriously love this tent!
  3. The Best Beach Toys - Melissa and Doug Beach ToysSand Toys – Ok, this is a no brainer right. Our toddler loves the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Baking Set. They nest into their carrying turtle and the cups are great for pouring. These toys are of a more durable plastic than your usual cheap sand castle sets.
  4.   A good beach bag for Mommy. Okay, you could go the efficient route and use a highly rated mesh bag so all the sand falls out and it fits everything like this one HERE. Or,Super Cute Beach Bag the super cute route and go for style over function. I use two beach bags… I know, who wants more to carry? With the diapers, drinks, snacks, toys, sunscreen and other necessities, you almost have to have too. One is mesh for toys and one is cute for mommy stuff and the other necessities.
  5. A soft sided cooler like this one is great if you are feeding more than two people. It is not as bulky as the square coolers and you can fit other items as well.
  6. Last but not least a beach blanket. Not to dry off with, but to sit on. The Kid Cool Outdoor Best Beach Blanketblanket is perfect for the beach or a picnic at the park. We often use ours right in the yard out on the grass. I never bring a chair, just a towel.

Ok now that is 4 bags, if you include the one that the tent folds into. Lol. Well, just know that you aren’t the only mommy that looks like a bag lady when going to spend the day at the beach with your kid/s.

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