Why I Cook With Cast Iron

Why I Cook With Cast IronThrow out your Teflon coated pans right now! So you think Cast Iron Skillets are old fashioned? Well there is a reason they were so popular then and are still popular now!

Here are some reasons I recommend cooking with cast iron:

  • They don’t cause cancer like your average Teflon coated nonstick pan. Unlike a Teflon pan, cast iron can be heated to very high temps with no leaching of cancer causing chemicals
  • Very inexpensive to buy. Look HERE
  • They’re non stick
  • They last FOREVER and I mean like hundreds maybe thousands of years
  • You can bake with them
  • Adds a delicious flavor to food
  • Fortifies your food with iron, which most people are lacking in their diets
  • And it cooks food beautifully
  • Need I say more?


Why I Cook With Cast Iron- Mommy With A GardenHand wash and dry right away. Sometimes I use a little soap but you don’t usually have to and using soap may remove some of the seasoning. Just hot water and a scrub brush will do.
I use a light coating of Crisco afterwords to keep the pan seasoned. If you continue with this routine you will not have nay issues with food sticking.

To season an old pan you simply heat your oven to 450 degrees. Coat your pan with Crisco, lard, coconut oil or clarified butter.  Place pan in oven for about 15 mins. Remove pan and carefully poor off extra fat then return to oven for roughly 2 hours. Done!

Lodge cookware has been around since 1896 and I prefer this company. They offer many different sizes and shapes at very reasonable prices.

What’s in my kitchen:

Grill Pan 10″
12″ Skillet Grill Pan
10″ Griddle
8″ Skillet

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