Ways To Save Time And Money Shopping Online.

Ways to save time and money shopping online. - Mommy With A GardenIf you’re not ordering almost everything online, you are wasting precious time and money!

I am a very busy working mom. I am pregnant and have a two and a half year old son as well as 3 dogs a cat and 13 hens. Our large garden needs tending to almost daily. It is very important that my time is managed and my tasks are prioritized or I can’t get everything done.

Playtime is Definitely #1 then comes work and daily chores. Running to the store normally takes about an hour at least and is one of my most hated things to do.

A couple years ago I got smart and now grocery shop from home any time of day using Amazon Prime. I buy most dry goods on your good old standard Amazon and the rest on Amazon Pantry. I like to pick out my meats and fruit/veggies, so I do fit in a quick stop to my local market. It’s easy to compare pricing and reviews on products as well as being able to find some of the hard to get Organic kids products. Amazon Prime offers free 2 day shipping on most orders!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I am not going to lie, I LOVE AMAZON! With Prime I am also able to watch my favorite shows, like Downton Abby, whenever I want… Also many toddler and kids shows are available at the touch of a button. Like the most freakin annoying show ever created, Caillou. Ugh, know it’s educational, but I HATE IT.

I also order my chicken’s feed and treats on Amazon, because that would be a separate trip to the feed store. Time is Money or in my case, missed play time.

Have any of you visited Toys R Us? Ok, yea I never want to go there AGAIN, EVER! What a mad house! So once again, I turn to my loyal partner in crime, Amazon, for kids toys. There are so many reviews on kids toys, its amazing! If I see any toys with bad reviews on safety or quality I simply pass them up. No buying the toy and then ending up with a disappointed two and a half year old when it breaks after a week.

Now, for dog and cat food I use Chewy.com. I save on average 10% using there auto ship program compared to my local pet stores and they offer free shipping! I hate lugging around those 40b bags. Not to mention if there happens to be a puppy or kitty adoption going on that day, I will probably bring a puppy or kitty home! That doesn’t make anyone’s husband happy!

Who has time to prepare a healthy lunch for themselves before work? For my fresh, healthy lunches I use Freshly.com. You cannot beat the delicious meals that are delivered weekly. Click HERE to read my review on their service.

To save time and money on grocery shopping for home cooked meals I use Blue Apron delivery service. You do have to cook it yourself, but it is convenient and an easy way to try recipes outside your recipe box! Every meal has been delicious.

As I discover new sites, I will update this post!

I saved 3 trips or 3 hours in a week, buying online!

Coming Soon: Household Products I Use That Save Time and Money

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