Don’t have time to eat Healthy at the office?

If one more person in my office asks “what are you eating? It smells delicious.” I will scream at the top of my lungs.

It’s Lean Cuisine and it tastes like sh*t, for the hundredth time!

I don’t have time to prepare the kids lunch and my own in the morning before work. I would much rather savor those few extra minutes in bed. I know that I need to eat healthy, but I am also all about making my life easier.

Last week, my mom left me some Freshly refrigerated meals for me when she left on her week long trip. She told me they are healthy, delicious and all mine. Just microwave and eat. Oh my God, they are awesome! And talk about convenient!

No prep AT ALL! They are single portion meals and will probably work best for lunch for me, although they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Also include whole foods like veggies and meats. Low in calories and fat compared to fast food or other packages frozen meals.

Freshly does offer dinner, but I cook for a family not just myself. I use Blue Apron food delivery, which is great except the prep. I would really prefer they sent a cook along with the ingredients!

I just finished a delicious Freshly Orange ginger beef and broccoli lunch dish. It only took me literally 2 minutes in the microwave and BAM eating a healthy, gluten free, delicious meal!

At least now I have some healthy lunch options. This is what I signed up for:        
I did get the 2 free meals  as well.

Meals I did not like:

Greek Yogurt w/ Berries and Nuts
I can easily pick up a flavored Greek yogurt at the store and this one had NO sweetener at all and was quite sour

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